Come Away®

Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for awhile.

Mark 6:31

Once a month, October to May, from 9a.m. to 3p.m., guided contemplative prayer retreat that engages our personal narrative and invites participants  into a deeper knowing of God and Self for the blessing of the world.


Each retreat day starts with a  ritual that includes prayer, music, and story drawn out from the spiritual journey of one of our facilitators. Although particular in nature, these personal narratives tug at the strings of the universal stories we all live.

The majority of our day together includes private solitude time with a prayer guide we provide for your reflection.

We regather at the end of the day to share with the group how Jesus met you during your time.

Limited private rooms available to those who sign up early.

Be Thou My Vision®

A four day guided retreat at Zephyr Point Presbrytrian Conference Center at S. Lake Tahoe, NV.


We start the Tuesday before 

Memorial Day and end that Friday.


An extended time that allows you to sink deep into the beauty of mountain and lake and into contemplative practices: silence, reflection, community sharing time.  Unique to this retreat is our Prayer of Expression, a guided experience incorporating mixed art media and personal refelction. The practice requires no art experience or skill!

Be Thou My Vision is a narrative driven, personal reflection based retreat rather than a lecture/teaching experience. 

Custom Retreats®

We also offer retreats customized for churches, team and leadership retreats and mens' retreats.


We've worked with:

Colorado Christian University, Messiah College in Pennsylvania, Trinity University in Deerfield Illinois, Vintage Faith, Santa Cruz Bible and Twin Lakes Church, Berkeley Covenant, Grace Church Fremont, Lord's Grace Christian Church, Grace Alliance, Black Rock Congregational Church, and others.


Contact us for more information on how we can assist you in your retreat planning.

Upcoming Retreats

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Come Away® 2020-21 season
Tues. &Wed. Options

Theme: "Hello Darkness My Old Friend" * 

DATES: Monthly- Oct thru May

Zoom Small Groups


2020 unleashed an apocalyptic storm dismantling our illusory structures of security, control and coping strategies, exposing the true nature of our hearts, revealing the substance of our faith, shattering the false images of God and self to which we cling.

As this disorientation of 2020 lingers, and even grows, refusing to exit quickly or quietly, we are invited to discover the exquisite grace found only in the dark

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Be Thou My Vision 2021


DATES: Tuesday May 25, 2021 - Friday May 28, 2021

LOCATION: Beautiful Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center,
Lake Tahoe, Nevada


This is a 4 day guided, extended time to incorporate contemplative practices: silence, pray time, community sharing time and Prayer of Expression

What Our Participants Say...

"This experience was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. For groups, it’s a spiritual genius. The retreat with Beyond These Shores significantly bonded our whole church community. From elementary school age kids to youth, young adult to middle age and even the elderly, the BTS leadership helped us to get to know each other on a deeper level than we could have imagined."

Josh – MFT,
former Pastor at Berkeley Covenant Church

"Both the year in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and the monthly Come Away retreats have been restorative to my soul, a time to hear God refine my vision/mission in ministry, and a space to become more fully human...

This ministry goes “deep” and that is what so many of us pastors and leaders need. "

Alex - Inner City Church Planter, Oakland CA

"It has been five years since going on the pilgrimage, led by Don and Charlotte Ferris to Holy Island (near the England / Scotland border), and Scotland’s island of Iona, yet it continues to have a profound effect on my life and walk with the Lord.  I needed and desired to 'step out of the boat' of the familiar, to be drawn to God in a deeper / richer way through this heritage unknown to me. 

A 10 day experience with guiding questions, scriptures, prayers, times of solitude and silence, historical background, stories, sharing, and laughter.  I left home going on Pilgrimage to more fully discern my vocational calling, and in the process ending up discovering myself and God’s amazing love for me."  

Bev – bi-vocational Pastor