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Church Beyond These Shores

Beyond These Shores Intentional Spiritual Community is a fellowship of perfectly imperfect human beings, committed to grow in loving, honest, authentic, vulnerable, available relationship with our Creator God, and with each other.  We embrace our creaturehood, and our call to be agents of love and grace, for the liberating healing of the world.    


We take seriously the need for our ongoing, personal, interior work of healing and transformation, as we say “yes” to the call to abide in Jesus Christ (John 15), a call to be fully human.  We believe, as the Holy Spirit works to conform us to the image of Christ, we become healing agents in the world.

The corporate liturgy of Beyond These Shores Intentional Community consists of:

  1. Breaking Bread Together-Shared meals every other week in homes.

  2. Fellowship of Shared Stories-Vulnerable, honest, authentic sharing of our personal narratives.  We believe our stories belong to God, and as such, are gifts for redemption and transformation for all.

  3. Contemplative Reading of Scriptures, and other materials, which challenge, and support our growth in wholeness, and holiness. 

  4. Contemplative Listening Prayer and Intercession. 

  5. Living Out a Generous Hospitality of Heart-Human expression of the generous heart of God.

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