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Space of Threshold

To embark on pilgrimage meant "making a commitment to live in the space of threshold, the liminal space, the place of not knowing how things will turn out, the place of possibility...."

~Christine Paintner Valters

Kiloran Bay, on the Inner Hebrides Island of Colonsay, UK

This Lenten series started with desire. We wanted to invite you to engage in the season in a way that might bring meaning into the days before Holy Week. We came to the blog series, just like you, not knowing what to expect.

I don't like that kind of public writing. I like to write and rewrite, edit, perfect and then rewrite again. And I really like to know where I am going before I start a series like this.

I didn't. But somehow I knew something would emerge as I wrote. As I write now.

So far, each quote I am drawn to post speaks into the journey we call pilgrimage. And I suppose that is exactly what the Lenten season is; a pilgrimage into the familiar, yet with each new year we enter the story at the threshold of what is yet to come, full of possibility.

Exciting, yes! Terrifying? Absolutely.

I've always been afraid of the dark, the monster in the closet, the wild edges of a future I can't see. Pilgrimage and the Lenten journey lead us right up to that threshold and invites us to trust God will provide us with what we need to continue on past where we feel comfortable. And when the dark presses us down in fear, we can stop and rest a while and let the Spirit bathe us in kindness.

Be Thou My Vision, "Joy Comes in the Morning," May 22-25, 2018.

Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne and Iona, "Beyond These Shores,"

Sept. 2-12, 2018.

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