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Columba Bay storm

Come journey with Beyond These Shores

Beyond These Shores stirs your appetite for the living God. We create space for you to settle in, and quiet the noise of busyness so you can listen to, and embrace the heartbeat of God for you and for the world. 

Beyond These Shores calls you to a journey to adventure and risk. We invite you to push out into the deep beyond your secure shores and what limits and makes your life too small. 


Aware or not, we all stand at the edge of a new dawn, just beyond the horizon of each day. The human heart yearns to stretch toward what is yet to be known. Too often, though, the comfort and security of the familiar shores of our lives keep us tethered, safe, but not fully alive or living wholehearted. We choose to reside on these shores and settle for a domesticated version of God, a concept to be discussed and theologized. We may not realize we have an impersonal relationship with the One who created us, loves us, and redeems our story. Yet there is so much more Beyond These Shores.


Beyond These Shores calls you to explore the depths of the fullness of God, and the weight of the glory of your True self. Here your story and God’s story become one and you discover the terrible joy of what it means to become vulnerable, naked and not ashamed-fully human and alive! 


Beyond These Shores calls you to a wholeheartedness, wild with life and hope, and yes, danger. This pearl of great price changes everything. For you and for the world.

A pilgrimage for your Soul, Body, and Mind

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